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For only BRL 139.90/month, you receive:

  • Service Catalog
  • Knowledge Base
  • News Portal
  • Indicator Management
  • Integration with Chat and WhatsApp*
  • Discover all features

* increase of BRL 49.90/month per operator

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* Users who will meet the demands. Minimum of 5 agents. Requesters are unlimited.


  • Unlimited customers
  • All features included
  • Free support (in Portuguese)
  • Billing in reais

  • Customer service
  • Task and project management
  • Knowledge base
  • Service Catalog
  • SLA Control
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Dashboards
  • Integration with Chat and WhatsApp*

  • BRL 139.90/month per additional agent

* increase of BRL 49.90/month per operator

Ensure your success with
our specialized onboarding!

Our expert will guide your onboarding in Agidesk simply and quickly,
helping you to have the best user experience and to take advantage of all the tool's features.

There will be follow-ups to configure the platform, and a live training,
exploring the system's resources, in addition to the availability of recorded training.

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Agidesk replaces several tools on a single platform!


BRL 139.90/month per agent

or BRL 699.50/month for 5 agents,

BRL 1,399.00/month for 10 agents...
Customer service (Zendesk, Freshdesk)
~ BRL 275.00/month per agent (~ US$ 50.00)
To-do list (Asana, Trello, Jira)
~ BRL 55.00/month per agent (~ US$ 10.00)
Knowledge Base (Confluence, Guide)
~ BRL 82.50/month per agent (~ US$ 15.00)


~ BRL 412.50/month (US$ 75.00) per agent

or BRL 2,062.50/month for 5 agents,

BRL 4,125/month for 10 agents...

Compare and make the best choice

Agidesk does more, for much less!

Tools for service management
~ BRL 999.50/month for 5 agents
Project Management Tools
~ BRL 499.50/month for 5 agents

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the installation process too long?

No. Setup is automatic, simple and fast.

Agidesk is a completely cloud platform (Software as a Service) and, in a few minutes, you create an account and you can operate the system. Your company does not need to bear the costs of hosting, updating and maintaining its own server.

We want to facilitate your growth as much as possible, improve the service culture and productivity of your team.

Will we have all the system resources?
Will my data be secure?
How do I configure the system?
How will I be charged for this consultancy?
Will I have to pay something when my test ends?
What if I need more time for testing?
What if I have more questions?


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