We work for you to work happier

Agidesk represents our desire to transform the work routine in companies.

We all spend the best and most productive hours of our day at work. We were born to make this experience more enjoyable.


Streamline processes and generate the best experience for our customers, delivering agile, safe and quality solutions.

Agidesk is a system built by work teams to meet the needs of work teams.


It is with this vision that we develop Agidesk daily. A modern, intuitive tool that brings lightness and agility to the work environment.

Want to invest in your business? So invest in your team! We help make your daily life more productive.

Our values: Lightness, agility, achievement, honesty and PEOPLE

We carry in our DNA the culture of humanology, being very close to our customers and partners. We want to listen and meet your needs.

With that in mind, our system delivers unlimited resources and low price, after all, it's not fair to spend on systems when your team is doing all the heavy lifting.

Social and environmental responsibility

We understand that there is a greater purpose in all the activities we do.


Collaborating for the evolution and growth of people, especially those who have some kind of special need, is an act of love for life, respect for others, and gratitude for everything we have achieved.

Our team, since the beginning of its activities, provides monthly financial support and visits charities throughout Brazil.


We care about the world we live in and which we will leave for future generations. Preserving the planet is essential for everyone to have a fantastic place to fulfill their dreams.

Agidesk neutralizes the CO2 emitted by its servers. Discover our tree by clicking on the stamp below:


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