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Software for Shared Service Center (SSC), Help Desk and Service Desk.
Centralize service, distribute tickets across sectors and manage projects on a single platform.

Services catalog, SLA tracking, check lists and 300+ result indicators.
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Distribute tickets, requests and emails quickly = More efficient service

At AgiHELP, you organize and centralize all your company's services, both from external and internal customers, allowing you to serve multiple sectors and branches. Your customer can request, track and evaluate their orders through the customer service portal or by email.

Provide an interactive service catalog, which gives your consumer more autonomy and ease when registering a request. He is able to monitor all the support team's returns, know how long their demands will be met, interact with open tickets or reopen a ticket. With AgiHELP, your customer experience will be amazing!

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Organize your daily work = More productive teams

Our team worked very hard. There were sleepless nights and lots of coffee. All this to deliver a solution that allows, in addition to serving customers, managing projects in a simple and intuitive way, making teams more engaged and productive.

With the management of tasks in boards, Kanban lists and timesheet (play/pause button for automatic recording), you know which project your team is working on, who is responsible for each activity, the time spent on each task, the cost of projects, additional costs and deliveries to come.

Know everything that is being done and who is available for assistance through the quick management cockpit!

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Centralize information in your company = Knowledge is everything

Increase the autonomy of your customers, anticipating frequent questions and bringing greater agility to your business.

A well-constructed FAQ will speed up your service!

Create and publish technical documents, solutions to known errors, tutorials on products, services, processes, video lessons, and more.

Create document access permissions, list of favorite articles, list of articles to read later, and more.

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Your team together and your customers satisfied like never before

Agidesk has a unique plan, with all the features included for your company to take off!

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